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Merchants Accepting Bitcoin You Probably Didn’t Know

Merchants Accepting Bitcoin You Probably Didn’t Know

Bitcoins are a virtual currency that can be used as a payment for transactions. Many merchants these days accept Bitcoins as payments for one reason – Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. This protects the merchants from potential losses that might happen from fraud. Since all transactions are publicly available because of the Blockchain (an online ledger) it will be hard to con or cheat the merchants.

With this, more and more merchants are accepting Bitcoin in their retail or online stores. If you have Bitcoins, it will be to your advantage if you know merchants that accept it as payment. Here’s a list:

Expedia, Surf Air, and CheapAir
If you want to travel, you can easily pay your flights in Expedia, Surf Air and CheapAir using your Bitcoins. Aside from flights, you can also pay hotels using Bitcoins.

If you want to download movies and games, you can pay using a Bitcoin. The good news is that Microsoft accepts it as a form of payment in their app stores. If you want to avail of other in-app services, Bitcoins are also welcome.

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JM Bullion
If you want to purchase gold coins, you can use Bitcoins. You just need to find JM Bullion. You can also purchase other precious metals using Bitcoin.

Overstock is a retailer of home furnishings. In 2014, they started to accept Bitcoins. You can actually buy anything here from curtain panel to vacuum cleaner using Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Real Estate
If you are looking to buy a property using your Bitcoin, you are in luck. The Bitcoin Real Estate features different properties that accept Bitcoin. The price will be worth the current market price of Bitcoins.

If you are in the US and you want to eat pizza, you can have it delivered to your home in exchange for a Bitcoin.

Old Fitzroy
If you are in Australia and want to go to a pub, you can head to Old Fitzroy and buy beer in exchange for Bitcoins.

Bic Camera
If you are in Japan, you will see many merchants accepting Bitcoins. You will be happy to know that the largest electronics retailer in Japan, Bic Camera, opened its doors to Bitcoins currency.

In Florida, there is an online headlights store called Uzooka.com. In 2017, they announced that they were accepting Bitcoins. Who would’ve thought that you could use Bitcoins for changing to fancy headlights?

Aside from purchasing goods and services, you can sell btc and turn it into cash. You just need to decide the medium you want for the transactions to be completed. If you want a simple but fast way of turning your Bitcoin into cash, you can consider exchange platforms.