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Likes and comments selling services

People have realized the importance of likes and comments on the social media. In the earlier days, when Facebook was first brought into the market, people just saw it like a platform to connect with people all over the world. But, as days passed by, Facebook became a platform of entertainment of all forms. Then,  after much longer time, people found out that Facebook could be used as a platform to showcase their talent. That is how people started to use Facebook to post videos and write ups.

views of Facebook videos

When they started doing this, they were looking for ways in which they can effective manage to pull off their work on this social media platform. Then they realized few facts. Here are few of those facts:

The views of Facebook videos and write ups are mostly influenced by the number of likes and comments that they receive. According to hum psychology people will be attracted to mostly those products or anything which have received a greater level of appreciation. On Facebook, this appreciation is in the form of likes and comments that the video receives for its content.

Therefore people came to a conclusion that if they can manage to increase the number of likes and comments for their work, then the people will notice these likes and assume that the content of the work is good and therefore end up viewing your work. After many tricks and hacks, they landed upon this conclusion and as a matter of fact, the theory they followed really worked out for them.

As per the theory which they figured out, the market came up with some sites like http://buyrealsocial.com/facebook-likes which sell the Facebook likes and comments for money. This way http://buyrealsocial.com/facebook-likes helps in increasing the number of comments that the videos receive thereby increasing the possibilities of the work being recognized and appreciated. This way, people were very much satisfied with the idea and as days went on this idea was spread across and more and more people came in to buy these services as such.