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YellowHeart Blockchain technology

Fight Against The Ticket Frauds

Event ticketing is a trending business today. With many live shows and concerts organized recently, the demand for ticketing platform becomes high. With that, ticket frauds are celebrating. Why? Easy profit is coming due to the demand for ticketing. But, this will be the end of these frauds. YellowHeart Blockchain technology controls everything for the event ticketing; trade and distribution. Now, artists must celebrate as well as fans. Both should celebrate because they will earn what they deserved.

Blockchain technology

The end of scalpers

There is always a saying that bad guys never win. So, here it is now. For artists and fans who have been a victim of scalpers, you get the justice now. You will never buy tickets that are overpricing nor tickets without profit returns to the artists. YellowHeart Blockchain has ended the days of scalpers, artists take control of the ticket trade and distribution now. The buyout never comes always a great time. Accusations about recruiting pro scalpers for the sales of tickets is true. It never left as accusations, in fact, it exists. There are a lot of companies were involved with this, which they explicitly denied. Fraud prevention works with this innovative second ticketing market while re-establishing everyone’s trust. Blockchain technology becomes useful and beneficial on bringing you guys onto the next level. Scalpers must ready themselves because today is the end of their wrongdoings.

No to bogus ticket sales

Fighting against bogus ticket sales is clear now. This is no longer gossip nor a rumor, but it exists. You must hop with the huge tech bandwagon this year to say goodbye to bogus tickets. This is an upgraded and updated ticketing platform that has been helping artists and fans. Minimizing the frauds until eliminating them can be possible with the use of encrypted barcodes of Blockchain technology. The PDF or paper-based tickets make a difference now. You can now verify if the concert ticket is legitimate or not. The event holders have more assurance on the tickets where going. Bogus tickets for sale is not effective now Fans and artists don’t deserve to become a victim of these frauds. So, blockchain technology made clear that encryption of these barcodes is brought into the highest level. It has a more secure concert ticket pass. Event tickets are all safe and legitimate. No one will never be a victim on the second time around, even the first time ticket buyers.