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All About Cardiac Stress Test

Cardiac stress test is usually utilized in order to evaluate the existence of a substantial coronary artery disease. The test allows the doctors to diagnose any blockage in human arteries that is feeding the muscles of the heart and thereby preventing the heart to get the blood flow it requires to work properly.

There are various types of a cardiac stress test. Each has its own way of helping the doctors to diagnose the diseases. Go through the following:

Treadmill stress test

During this test, you have to walk and then run fast on the treadmill. During the preparation of the test you have to remove shirt and then wear a gown. The physicians will place some stickers on the chest to assess the heart rhythm once you start exercising.

While on the treadmill you have to start walking at a low pace and gradually the speed and elevation will enhanced. After every 3 minutes, the treadmill will automatically enhance its inclination and speed. The time you need to spend on the treadmill is determined by your level of fitness as well as age.

During the treadmill stress test, your cardiologist will monitor the blood pressure, heart rhythm and also record if there’s a risk of disease.

Though you need not carry any significant thing during the test, it’s highly recommended by the cardiologists that you carry a running or walking shoes and athletic clothing. This will help you to walk or run even more comfortably on the treadmill.

Stress echocardiogram

This test has a high similarity with the earlier mentioned treadmill stress test. However, there’s an additional step in the test. The sonographer will capture some ultrasound pictures of the heart even before you start to exercise. This will give the idea of your heart while at rest to the cardiologists. Again when the exercise is over and your heart rate is elevated, another picture will be taken.

For this test too, you have to carry running or walking shoes as well as athletic clothing so as to walk or run in a comfortable way.

Nuclear stress test

The test uses a radioactive tracer in order to visualize blood flow to the muscles of the heart. There are various types of radioactive tracers available in the market. One is given while the body is at rest and another is given at the peak moment of exercise.

We hope our comprehensive article has helped you to understand all about cardiac stress test.