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LED And Chandeliers

The Right Place For LED And Chandeliers

Modern Place is one of a kind solution to all of your modern fixtures needs. The company manufacture, design, and tailor lights for consumers, wholesalers, and businesses to ensure the best looking contemporary options for you.

The Rings Of Jupiter Modern LED Chandelier

Bringing the power of LED into your living room with this perfect chandelier for your modern home. This light is sure to bring style and great design into any home is one of the best selling designs in the acrylic pendant market and perfect for a room that needs heavy light output as its one of the brightest lights with the spherical light output. It comes in 3  rings with the rings ranging from 8 Inches to 23.5 Inches. The quality build is constructed from acrylic, aluminum, and metal parts and lights always come with UL certification. Around 4600 lumens and the CRI is around 90-95 total light output.

Jupiter Modern LED Chandelier

The Ocean LED Light Fixtures And Hydra Three-Wave Pendant Light

2016 fresh design that is sure to light up any dining room table or restaurant setting. It is used in some of the company’s recent restaurant and bar projects in NYC. This light fixture packs with a powerful punch using 2835 SMD LED with a 36 Watt output so don’t let this slim design fool you. With dimming or non-dimming options, this comes in warm, cool, or daylight color and the finish can be customised to be plain printed, shiny, matte or brushed material. This powerful Hydra Three-wave Pendant Light fixture comes in with  2 x 35 watt LED drivers that sure to bring beautiful warm white lighting to any surface or room even those big living room. With a 3-year warranty and fully UL Certified Components, this  lighting is perfect for your room or kitchen centerpiece fixtures.

The Ripple Pendant Light Fixture

  • 3 Wave Pendants – this is customised with how you like and turn your living space into something beautiful and special with this modern LED fixture.
  • 48 Watt – has bright light output with long-lasting LED bulbs that will last 14 years at 10 hours use a day.
  • 3 Year Warranty – after you purchase, Place covers you for 3 years so that your investment is protected.
  • Modern Look – it is designed by a team of designers and is manufactured with the highest quality of components. Being affordable doesn’t have to be low quality.
  • Energy Efficient & UL Certified – you can save money on your power bill with these bright LED’s UL certification with every product offer so it’s safe to use by USA standard.