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Water Safe With Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Keep Your Water Safe With Thermostatic Mixing Valves

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to compromise, it’s your family’s safety and well-being. When they’re out of the house, you probably have so many questions going through your mind like- “What if they get into an accident? “But did you know that accidents can also happen at home? Accidents are unavoidable and it has been established that about 90% of boiling accidents happen at home. Luckily, there are many devices today which can reduce scalding accidents and even more.

Thermostatic mixing valves

  • Thermal Shock

Most home accidents happen in the shower.  Every year, there are hundreds or even thousands of people suffering from thermal shock in showers, bathtubs and sinks. These are often caused by falls and slips due to the body’s sudden reaction to the temperature of the water. The increase and decrease in water temperature can be quite shocking especially when you just got out of bed. Your body’s reaction would be to move away quickly once it has felt water that’s too cold or too hot. Thermostatic mixing valves regulate and maintain the water to a temperature that’s suitable for your body in order to avoid thermal shock.

  • Boiling and Scalding

Boiling is the most common water accident at home. Small kids have very tender skin and sometimes, what could be tolerable hot water to you is too hot for them. The elderly and persons with disabilities are also the most prone to being burned or scalded due to restricted movements. This incident happens for a lot of reasons. It could be that your water heater has malfunctioned or damaged altogether. Or maybe you must have set it too high or the thermostat is a little faulty. Whatever the reason is, you have to be extra careful and alert when it comes to regulating the temperature of water for your family. Thermostatic mixing valves prevent burning injuries by maintaining the temperature of water.

  • Bacterial Infection

Common water bacteria can also penetrate your homes. Legionella is a water bacteria that goes through rivers, lakes and ponds. It can be found in soils and in other water sources at home. Generally, it is not something to be afraid of as it does not pose a threat to the public. Not yet anyway. Once the bacteria enters your home, it will find an ideal environment of stagnant water and warm water temperatures. You’ll most likely have them in storage tanks and piping. Once this happens, it can be a big threat to your family.  Legionella is responsible for the Legionnaire’s Disease which is a bacterial infection of the lower respiratory tract. By using thermostatic mixing valves, you can limit and regulate the mixture of hot water that allows domestic water to be at a higher temperature enough to decrease Legionella growth.

Safe water storage has long been a global issue. Many accidents at home also involve water which prompted homeowners to use thermostats that can control temperatures. These valves have evolved into a technology that can automatically reduce, regulate and limit water temperature and ensure the safety of your family.