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How PPC Campaigns Are Designed For Local Businesses?

Targeting individual products on an ecommerce website is a tedious task and can be done effectively only with a proper PPC strategy.Pay per click campaigns for an ecommerce website are slightly different from regular campaigns. Understanding the differences is the key to success. At the same time, advertisers need to be aware of PPC strategies that deliver amazing results, especially for ecommerce solutions in India.Some of the most successful PPC strategies to use when running campaigns for an ecommerce website are:

Split test

Split testing is one of the most popular techniques ecommerce ppc agency use. In modular testing, marketers create a single, two to three ad formats to determine the winning copy. Using split testing for an ecommerce website, you can create a few variations for each product. Writing a lot of ad copy at first can seem like a chore. But this will help in the long run. Experiment with keywords, headlines, and content and you’ll soon find the best performing copy of your ad.

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Peel n ‘stick

Another very popular technique in the world of pay per click in India is peel and stick. The job of a marketer is to select (stripping) the lowest performing keyword in the segment and map it to a more relevant segment (glue). PPC executive decisions about the segment may not always be correct. But opportunities for improvement are always good.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions are very important to Google AdWords. This feature can be used to improve your ads to make them more attractive and informative. For example, an ad for an e-commerce product might contain images for better presentation. Likewise, the exact product URL can be included in an ad using ad extensions.

Ad copy

The ad copy plays a crucial role in the success of any PPC campaign. The ad copy should be clear, concise, and compelling. The ad copy content should be relevant to the content of the landing page to ensure visitors are not confused.


Remarketing is a ubiquitous term in today’s paid advertising world, and e-commerce websites are taking great advantage of it. Whether it’s search or display, you can use remarketing elsewhere to get the most conversions.