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Knowing The Different Types of Tents You Will Need For Your Party

Party tents come in different types, styles, and sizes. Even when looking for tents online, you will still have the same factors to take into consideration. Knowing which type is the right one for your needs can make the usually lengthy buying process much shorter and hassle-free. So you must know the kind of tent that you need before you go adding items onto your cart.

Instant and Popup Canopies

If you want convenience, then this is the tent that you need. The instant tents’ design is in consideration of the ease of installation and mobility. They are the least expensive too. Pop up canopies have accordion-style frames which makes it lightweight and easy to set up. In just minutes, you will have a beautiful instant tent without using complicated tools.

However, popup tents are not larger than 20′ X 20′, which means that they are not suitable for more significant events. Nevertheless, they are the most durable when it comes to instant tents. And when you buy one, many of them already come with storage bags for easy transportation.

Frame Tents

With the frame tents, they rely on the metal structure that helps support the canopies. Without the centre poles, it can give you more space to work on without needing them. Frame tents can be installed anywhere. There is no restriction when it comes to the ground where you can set them up. Frame tents are also best used as semi-permanent structures in your rooftop space or even indoors.

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Pole Tents

These tents come in different sizes. They can be as small as 10′ X 10′ to as big as 100′ X 310′. Most of the pole tents support their weight using poles. Stakes and tie-downs create tension to make it stable and upright. These poles are found in the centre and around the perimeter of the tent. Pole tents are also lightweight and very easy to use. If you need to cover a larger area, pole tents are the most cost-effective way.

Tension Tents

The tension tent is quite similar to the traditional pole tents. They are a type of pole tents. With the use of the perimeter and the centre poles, it can create support. These tents rely on the tension created by the tie-downs. This way, the roof is in place. What makes it different from the pole tents is the size of the peaks.

The tension tents have taller peaks also called “high peaks” giving it a more elegant and dramatic look. Because of the uniqueness of its structure, tension tents are more expensive compared to pole tents. However, they are not as pricey as the frame tents. If you think the aesthetic benefits are all worth it, then you should go for the tension tents.

When it comes to the party and commercial tents you can buy from the American Tent, you must know the different types to choose from. There are plenty of tent manufacturers online showcasing their best products, but you should know which is the perfect choice for your party needs.