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2019s Must-Try French Meals Tourists Should Never Miss!

2019s Must-Try French Meals Tourists Should Never Miss!

France is very well known for its fine food. In fact, it is believed that French cooking is the best in the world. This is the reason why if you are traveling to France, tasting their food should be on top of your priority. There are now plenty of cooking vacations in France like the ones that The International Kitchen (TIK) offers. If you want to try a hearty French meal or maybe their homemade dishes, then you should definitely check out TIK and their cooking vacation schedules before you take a look at the short list of the most requested and popular food in France.

The International Kitchen (TIK) 

TIK or The International Kitchen was started in 2015 who offers cooking vacations to people who think and feel that food is one of the most important things that they should not miss during their trip abroad. This is perfect for those who want to learn more about a certain culture, the people, as well as their food by sharing fun cooking experiences while falling in love with their culture.

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Foods You Should Not Miss In France


This freshly baked staple breakfast pasty should be one of the foods that you should try while in France. Sure, there are croissants anywhere you go, but the ones made in France has an extra pump of mouthwatering smells from the bakery. Want to eat croissant like how French does? Dunk it in a bowl of hot coffee or hot chocolate!


A baguette should have a crispy noise that is just between soft and hard. This is a long and narrow French bread loaf made from basic dough. This is easily distinguishable by its length and the gentle crispiness of its crust.

Fruits de Mer.

This is a shellfish dish that you should try while in France. This is a mixture of raw as well as cooked crustaceans. It may include oysters, sea snails, crab, cockles, mussels, shrimps, and so much more. Usually served on a bed of ice that has a crusty bread and mayo.

Meat Fondue.

This is one of the dishes that can definitely sum up a fun night in France. Hot oil plus raw meat in flame while everyone is getting their own skewers and dunk them in the hot oil while waiting for it to cook away. This is one of the highlights of every French dinner but definitely not suitable for drunk and clumsy people.


These are thin pancakes that come with a variety of sweet and flavorful fillings. You can o with the classic crepe that has sprinkles of sugar, to the ones that are packed with melted cheese, runny egg, and ham.

Do you have a favorite French dish? If you have then you should be able to experience that with one of the cooking vacations with The International Kitchen. You will not only get to enjoy the trips to the local tourist spots but also take the chance to experience true French cuisine.