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Superb Residences In The Heart Of Singapore

The Superb Residences In The Heart Of Singapore

The Fourth Avenue Residences is the condominium in Singapore. The place is in the center of the residential estate of Bukit Timah. Choosing the place as your residential is best for the tranquility as well as privacy. The condo has a total of 445 housing units built on a   359,065 sq.m. land area. Yet, you can assure to have the utmost security regardless of how wide the place is.

The Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties is a perfect place to live in. The condo has the classic yet luxurious style which is likely to your eyes. It is also surrounded by outstanding establishments and amenities. You can have almost everything inside and outside the place. When it comes to the convenience and comfort, the condo is superb.

Residences Facilities and Amenities

The Residences Facilities and Amenities

Fourth Avenue Residences condo provides the best facilities. The site plan constitutes of swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums, playground, and clubhouse. Their pools are wide and spacious. You can get to enjoy its crystal clear water. For those wishing to take up the hobby, the availability of tennis courts is great. The place has the high-quality equipment in their gymnasiums. This is great in providing and accommodating all people who are having fitness buffs.  You can likewise enjoy the clubhouse areas for a cozy weekend. You can have a great night as well as get entertained and bond over food.

Fourth Avenue Residences provides you with the best facilities for a luxurious living experience. You can have the utmost privacy in this condominium. It is well surrounded by advanced security systems for the resident’s privacy as well.

When it comes to transportation, the place is well served by various arterial roads. There are also many MRT stations around the area within a walking distance. Its central location offers a convenient traveling experience. You can go to nearby areas as much as possible without any transportation hassle. You can also use the feeder bus services as means of your commute to your destination.

Central Residences Location

The central location of the condo is its best factor that attracts many people. You can see the condo in the place of Bukit Timah. This location is well known to be the most prestigious residential condominium. It has the charming parks and amenities. You can enjoy the scenery of the Nature Reserve, a beautiful reserve park for nature-lovers. You can also explore many eateries, cafes, restaurants, and pubs along the avenue. When it comes to educational learning, the place has many schools that surround.

The condominium provides everything you need. You can find many establishments and means of transportation around the area. You can have the exciting recreational activities in the reserved nature park. You can enjoy your stay in the condo without worrying about your security and daily needs.