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The Saiso Earrings – The Love Affair with Face     

Whether you prefer understated and elegant, punk couture or a bit of bling, the perfect pair of earrings may be just the fitting complement to any lady’s outfit. When it comes to choosing fashion earrings for women, though, many shoppers fail to take into consideration that certain sorts of saiso earrings look better using specific face contours. Here’s a handy guide that can help you decide what kinds of earring sets are most likely to complement your face shape.

Round Out a Longer or Heart-Shaped Face

If your face tends to be long and narrow, you’ll wish to steer clear of thin, extended dangly earrings. These types of fashion earrings for women will only make your face appear even longer and thinner. Dangle earrings with baubles or teardrop contours are excellent options that may widen the overall look of the facial skin. These saiso earrings also work well to get a high-value face, which tends to be wider at the top and tapers to a smaller chin.

Slim a Round Face

For a rounder face, long earrings with a slick and less voluminous style help slim the appearance of the facial skin. Women who wish to deemphasize a round face ought to avoid hoops or other types of curved earrings. This is because circles and hoops tend to draw the eye horizontally and make a face look even rounder. In contrast, longer saiso earrings tend to draw the eye at a vertical line that elongates the appearance of round facial skin to make it look slimmer.

Deemphasize a Broad or Square Face

Broad or square faces could be complemented by earring sets with subtle curves. Oval-shaped earrings, detailed hoops, or moderate length dangly earrings with round baubles are fashions that typically match these face shapes. Girls with these face shapes should avoid excessively long or voluminous earrings. Earrings that have a cascading or flared look are incredibly flattering for a broad face form.

Oval Shaped Faces

Oval-shaped faces are nicely balanced, and just about any earring may be worn by girls with this face shape, although teardrop and oblong-shaped earring sets tend to complement an oval-shaped face particularly well. While there are infinite possibilities for the style of the earrings worn, it is essential to remember to balance the size of these earrings contrary to the size of the face. Gaudy, too massive earrings won’t look great on a petite girl with a bit of face. Likewise, women with more prominent faces may need more oversized earrings to accomplish a balanced look.