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Conversational Ai Technology

Clinc: The Journey Of Conversational Ai Technology Towards Revolution!

Artificial Intelligence technology is used to create virtual assistant systems for the next generation. A conversational platform of AI is used for building a sophisticated virtual system that can provide human and machine interaction. Clinc AI is such a platform that provides this conversational technology services to the people. Many creative and scientific minds work and develop these technologies. They design and create a system of virtual assistance. This AI technology is used in many places like financial and banking services companies and companies where machine and human interaction is important and used. The platform provides worldwide businesses to use the tools required to automate the self-service support system for customers.

What is the use of Clinc’s technology in banking?

AI technology develops and understands complex conversations and enables customer interaction vastly. The technology provides services for customers to check their balance, report stolen or lost cards, transfer the funds, and change their address. This interaction and process are done without any human interaction. Successful for large-scale deployments and rapid adoption for customers. People can enjoy the integration of plug and play with the existing system.

AI technology

What does this technology aim towards?

The developers aim to provide the building blocks for creating exceptional and innovative conversational experiences of AI without any scripts or rules. The use of robust tools, training resources, documentation, and support team for customers makes them feel empowered and for creating more solutions that the customers will love. The researchers and developers have created some amazing built-in control and customizable editors for responding. The Al Model is programmed and built in Jinja, python, or bock. The system has rich and reliable conversational design tools and options.


Clinc developed an innovative end-to-end platform to provide scalable and valuable services to the people. The journey of the platform has been amazing, and it guides towards learning about machines and human interaction and delivers the most accurate results. The main goal of the platform is to create effective and innovative ways of using AI to solve daily problems in people’s life.