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Things to Know About Gabriel Plotkin

Gabriel Plotkin is an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded Melvin Capital Administration LP. He currently serves as the Director of Funding for the hedge fund he founded. He came to prominence during the recent GameStop funding crisis, which left a hedger shorting the company’s stock with billions in debt. For those hearing his name for the first time, here’s an updated list of what you didn’t know about Gabe Plotkin.

Gabe Plotkin is a college graduate

According to Wikipedia, Gabriel Plotkin is a college graduate. He entered the program at North-western College. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics there and graduated in 2001.

After college, he worked as a dealer

After graduating from North-western College, Gabriel joined SAC Capital. His official position was as a dealer. He was in charge of managing clients’ stock portfolios. The stocks he handled were worth about $1.3 billion, so it was a very demanding job.

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Gabriel had power in SAS

When Plotkin was still working at SAC Capital, a scandal broke. Federal prosecutors said he had obtained illegal insider information. That’s a serious crime. He was targeted as a concern in a case under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. While his colleagues were arrested and charged, Plotkin was not arrested but allegedly passed on emails containing illegal data.

He resigned from the SAC and started his own company

In late 2014, Plotkin left SAC and decided to start his own company. This decision came shortly after licensing issues and allegations of fraud by the SEC. He founded Melvin Capital; a fund named after his late grandfather. Cabe Plotkin has raised about $1 billion for the fund. It is well known for its short selling techniques. The fund he manages has been around for a while and has over $1 billion in assets.