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Understanding Weed Vape Cartridges

Weed by itself can get complicated to someone who has no experience with the substance. The whole process of using and the many different forms it can take can shock and surprise you. But one thing is for certain, the usage of weed is constantly evolving.

One particular way of change is happening right at this very moment. And that is none other than the rise of the usage of weed vapes. This is due to the massive rise of electronic cigarettes and vaping that the natural course of smoking weed would naturally follow suit. That would mean that you can enjoy the feeling of getting high, while also being filled with delectable flavors. In addition, the scent produced by the smoke is at a bare minimum.

To continue this trend of deliciously tasting weed vapes, you need to first take a look at some of the weed cartridges. These are pods of oils that carry the juice needed to bring the flavor and THC to your weed vapes.

Propaganda – Nicotine E-juice 3mg/ml (The Hype Collection)

Here’s the thing, if you have never smoked on a weed vape before then you would not know what flavor you would enjoy. That is why this collection pack is first on the list. These e-juices are filled with some of the most intriguing tastes that you can find for a weed vape.

 Weed Vapors

The Propaganda – Nicotine E-juice (The Hype Collection) is a form of weed juice that is filled with 3 to 6mgs of nicotine. This would make it a perfect choice for those that want to smoke weed vapes without having to deal with strong nicotine hits. In addition, there is also a nicotine-free option for some.

You can expect a wide array of flavors ranging from Colored Cotton, America, and Blue Ice. These are perfect for those looking for distinct flavor profiles on their weed juices.

Puff Labs – Nicotine E-juice 3mg/ml (Strange Fruit Collection)

If you want a weed vape juice that is guaranteed to stay in quality for long periods of time then try this. The Puff Labs community thrives itself on being one of the most diligent workers when it comes to making the best weed juices. As such, you will have a harder time finding products more high-quality than this.

Their flavors are more built for people looking to satisfy a sweet tooth. This can be seen in their candy assortment flavor of “Rotten Candy”. Also, they have a melted rainbow snowcone flavor profile known as “Frooty Booty”.