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Lie Detector Tests

Lie Detector Tests – Who Uses Them and Why

A lie detector test is often portrayed in crime shows and films as a way of determining the truth in solving one case. Usually, it’s either the suspect or the witness who undergoes the test. In some cases, the victim may go through it, too. In film and television, you can see that wires are attached to the body of the one undergoing the test. The machine then generates a report regarding the reaction of the body while the person is being interrogated. It may seem fictional to you as a spectator, but science can actually verify it for you.

physiological reaction

How It Works

Research shows that the physiological responses of the body actually differs depending on the situation that he is being put in. When you tell a lie, your body responds differently and you cannot control it either. It may seem like nothing for the other person as you can actually hide or mask your facial reaction. But inside, you know it’s a whole different story. Your heart may start to beat faster, your hands get all cold and clammy, and you may also feel like fainting at some point. A lie detector test can determine these bodily changes. The polygraph test has indicators that are relatively measured based on the physiological reaction.

How It is Used

As the liedetectortest.uk is being gradually accepted by the modern world, people are finally seeing its benefits. One way of using this test is for the purpose of social research. A lie detector test are used in coming up with researches that determine why the body reacts the way it does when faced with certain situations and circumstances. As a social experiment, pre-assessment and post-interview are relatively conducted.

Companies also benefit from lie detector tests insofar as employment is concerned. In order to ascertain the reliability of a person before hiring, companies have included a lie detector test in its pre-employment requirements. It is a screening essential that has been adopted by many companies today.

Law enforcement agencies have been using lie detector tests time and again in determining the truth behind the facts surrounding a particular case. The results serve as a basis or guide in determining the credibility of the victim or the witness. Most of the time, a suspected individual is being put through a lie detector test to ascertain the guilt or remorse of a particular suspect.

Lie detector tests generally provide reliable and credible results. It has benefited many companies and law enforcement agencies since it was first established.