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The Art of Curating Your Instagram Feed: Tips for a Cohesive Aesthetic

Are you tired of your Instagram feed looking like a jumbled mess of different photos, with you not knowing the difference between people and places? You’re not alone: Many Instagram users often have a difficult time curating their feeds such that their feed is cohesive and has a consistent aesthetic. Here are tips for curating your Instagram feed to have a consistent aesthetic, so you can ensure that your beloved followers will always keep coming back for more.

Make Sure Your Instagram Speaks to a Theme

The first step towards having a cohesive feed is to select a theme. Choose something that you love, whether it be the color of your bedroom, the shape of your chair, or the color of your favorite outfit. Make sure that the theme you choose is reflected in all of your photos. Otherwise, your followers will wonder what’s up with a random assortment of photos from different locations and people. Purchasing instagram followers from iDigic can help you grow your brand’s reach and increase your chances of going viral.

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Edit Your Photos for Consistency

Once you’ve selected a theme for yourself, then it’s time to edit your photos so that they look consistent with this theme. Your goal when editing your photos is to simply remove any photos that don’t fit your theme. For example, if you’re style is vintage, make sure there aren’t any photos of you wearing a clean looking suit and tie on Instagram.

Another way to edit your photos so that they are consistent with your theme is to take the photo shoot while shooting the same thing in different lighting conditions. For example, if your Instagram feed consists of mostly sunset shots, take a lot of sunlight shots at different times of day.

Take Your Photos Accordingly

To take a cohesive photo for your feed, simply make sure you plan out your photo shoot and take your photos accordingly. For example, if you shot the sunset in your last picture, then try to shoot something different next time. Try to organize the order of your photos so each photo has something in common with the next one. Try to do this without it looking like you are copying or repeating yourself by changing things up a bit.

Make Sure Your Photos Have A Consistent Camera Angle

Another important step towards having a cohesive feed is to stick with the same camera angle. Just like you wouldn’t have a terrible photo if you didn’t make sure everything was in focus, your photos will also look more aesthetically pleasing if they’re taken with the same angle. If your Instagram feed consists mostly of landscape photos, then try to keep your photos in this mode until your feed gets more complete or you can find a new theme for yourself.