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TheSoul Publishing

How does TheSoul Publishing reach over 1 billion followers?

Today, people are fond of watching videos that are fun and positive. Many people spend most of their spare time watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This has increased during the pandemic as many have to restrict themselves only with the gadgets and internet connection at home. So, they spend their time watching the videos. This makes TheSoul Publishing reach a huge audience because of its wide content.
The company started different channels on various platforms to maximize the views for their content so that it helps to generate ad revenue. They post appealing videos with lively animation, weird music, and interesting stuff that is hard to find in other productions. So, with their creative and engaging content, they were able to gain over 1 billion followers across different social media platforms includes Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, TikTok, and many others.

TheSoul Publishing

The unique approach:

First, the founders of TheSoul Publishing opened their office in 2003. They started it with a focus to create an information website for advertising. Later, to expand the audience growth their focus shifted to digital entertainment. They post regular content on funny memes, posts, videos, and articles.
With the huge success in Russia, the team has decided to expand it globally. So, they made a switch to Cyprus to expand their business across different countries in the world. In 2016, they launches the first video brand that is now popular among the viewers 5-Minute Crafts on Facebook.
They started to evolve the channels in different media platforms posting different video content to attract the audience. All the videos are unique and they are explained interestingly to the audience. The unique concepts and creative content gradually take over YouTube views. Now, they hold over 1 billion followers and are the first media to reach 100 billion views across the different social medial network.