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Why is it important to know different tactics for online music promotions?

Just like when you send a demo version to a label, to promote music on the Internet, you need a good promotional package. The package should have: a press release with a detailed description of the news, a brief biography of the group (one page), a CD (demonstration tape in order or a preliminary copy of the next release), a package of any coverage of press that you have had so far. – Press coverage generates press coverage, your contact information (be sure to include your email address – people may be ashamed to call you), a color photo or a link to a site where you can upload a photo. The press is likely to launch a photo if it does not have to pursue it.

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Contrary to popular belief, the actual coverage (reviews and interviews) to promote music on the Internet is not very different from what is happening in the world of printing. In fact, it can be easier. You need music, press release and contact database. The latter is the hardest part if the promotions have never been done before, but there is no mystery about it. It is not glamorous, but it is a good time to invest.

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Broken and typographical errors are the best way to inform visitors who are too busy to be present on a website and send them to another place. They will probably think that the music has been abandoned and will move on. Do not rush to create a website on musipromo.net or other online pages. You must make sure you take the time to test the links thoroughly and that your friends do as well. One of the most common areas where errors occur is mail or mail. Before sending, you should ask a friend to check the links in the newsletter or the mailing list, because there is nothing worse than sending the newsletter twice. In the best of cases, it seems unprofessional, in the worst case, fans mark it as spam.