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Buying Ray Ban Aviators

Things To Check Before Buying Ray Ban Aviators

Aviators are a great choice for buying sunglasses to protect your eyes and make a fashion statement. There are a few hallmarks of the aviator designs that you should know about before buying one. The lens area has to be 2-3 times larger than the eye socket. The shape of the sunglasses must be teardrop and the curvature is along the cheekbone. The metal frame has to be thin with at least double bridge. There have to be earpiece style temples and the lenses must be convex rather than flat. Lastly, the nose pads must be adjustable. The followings are a few things you need to keep in mind while buying aviators from any Ray Ban Aviators sale.

Ray Ban Aviators sale

Frame Size – While buying any sunglasses, you have to get the frame size right. Different people have different frame sizes and therefore, only a particular frame size will match them perfectly. If you are buying online during Ray Ban Aviators sale, the site will provide you the guide to decide the frame size that matches your face. It is calculated with your eye size, temple size, and bridge size. You can also visit a nearby eye clinic to get these parameters with perfect measurements. Accordingly, you can order your sunglasses to be the perfect size for you.

Frame Material – Even though the original aviators had a metal frame, there are various types of frame materials used like nylon, titanium, polycarbonate, acetate and even plastic. Metal frames are the most expensive ones but they are not ideal for sports activities. For athletes, nylon ones are perfect. Titanium ones are highly durable and scratch resistant. Polycarbonate ones are impact resistant and tailor-made for kids. The rest of the materials that is acetate and plastic are lightweight and less expensive.

Lenses – There are various types of lenses available that many people are not aware of. There are optical glasses, polycarbonate, polyurethane and acrylic lenses available. Acrylic glasses are less expensive while polyurethane ones are the best as they have the best features of all materials. Polycarbonate ones are best if you are moving a lot like biking.

Apart from these, you need to watch out for lens tints, lens technology, protection against UV rays and others to make the product worth your expenditure.