Protecting Your Hair From Hard Water

Different Ways Of Protecting Your Hair From Hard Water

The common problem that people living in the hard water areas face is hair loss. Not only does it cause hair loss but also damages the hair to an extent and repairing it would be quite strenuous. Even though it might be difficult there are ways for protecting your hair from hard water. If a person takes proper measures then they can protect their hair from any possible damage that can happen to their hair.

protect your hair from hard water

How to know what kind water you are using?

There are simple and easy signs through which a person can know what if the water that they are using is hard water or not. The signs are dry and itchy skin, shorter lifespan of the water heaters and boilers, there is no foam appearance when the soaps are used, the clothing is dull, etc. These are few signs through which a person can know that they are using hard water in their households.  If none of these signs appear then the water that the person is using is soft water. There are many side effects to a person’s health too when they use hard water because of the high mineral concentration.

Easy ways to protect your hair from hard water

Constant use of hard water has a drastic effect on those who use it to wash their hair. It causes hair loss in many people and it also damages the texture of the hair making it rough and leaves behind and itchy scalp. There are many ways in which a person can prevent this from happening such as installing a shower head which helps in filtering the minerals like calcium and magnesium, using a cup of apple cider vinegar which removes the minerals from the hair, bottled water is also an option that a person can use to wash their hair, and squeezing the lemon into the water can reduce the hardness of the water. These are the few ways in which a person can protect their hair.

Following these few methods is a great way to ensure that not only the hair but even the skin is safe from hard water. Protecting the hair from hard water in the initial stages is better in the long run for a person.