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Thick Hair Look For Your Thin Hair

How To Achieve A Thick Hair Look For Your Thin Hair

Pomade, a type of styling formula that is well known for its scent and unique waxy, greasy or watery characteristics. Before gels and wax, pomade was the thing when you talk about a man’s hairstyle. There are many prominent people that popularised this like Elvis Presley and John Travolta (in his Grease days). Pomade help the hair to have a certain form giving it a shiny and slick look that most men love. When gels and wax emerge, people, thought that it was the end of the pomade, but they were wrong. Instead of going under the industry is livelier than ever and if you want to know the best pomade products in the market today, then you better read on.

The thing about using pomade is that it’s not for everybody, so who are these unfortunate souls that can’t use pomade? These people are the ones that have a thin or fine hair. This is because the heavy and wet look effect of the pomade will make these people head look bald. Surely if pomade makers will be more sensitive to these people’s needs, they will have more patrons on their products. What most people with fine hair don’t know is that there are actually pomade and ways to make the hair have more volume.

increase hair volume

Use a shampoo that helps increase hair volume:

It’s no secret that there are a ton of shampoos in the market today and each has its own characteristics or end results  For people with fine hair, before you apply some pomade, first try to use shampoos that increase hair volume. Now, this isn’t something that will take effect right away, the secret in getting the desired effect is to use the shampoo often.

Have the right haircut:

One of the ways that will help make your hair look thicker is to have a good haircut. If you don’t know what haircut you want or what works, your barber usually has a good knowledge about it. But just in case you want some reference, how about The Avengers? If you have a fine hair don’t copy the haircut of Thor or Ironman, go with the Steve Roger’s look (infinity war look). Usually, the right haircut for fine hair is short on the sides and long at the top, this is also a good hair for pomade too.

Choosing the right pomade:

Because pomade isn’t that friendly to people with fine hair, this made pomade not ideal for all types of hair, but there are a few that will actually work. It’s not certain if the manufacturers of these pomades are well aware that their pomade products are great for people with fine hair, but one thing is certain, it’s a godsend that they made it. Below you can find just a few good choices that you can buy right now in the market:

  • Imperial Products
  • Uppercut Deluxe
  • American Crew

Pomade is this styling formula widely used by men to aid them to achieve the look that they want with their hair. But the problem is that even if many men wanted to try pomade, not all can use it since pomade are ideally used by men with thick hair. But thankfully there are product recommendations for grooming your fine hair and these products are shampoos that increases hair volume and pomade that achieves that thick hair look. But these things will not work if you don’t have the right haircut. For more details on hair grooming and a detailed pomade review, visit Crazy Stream for more details.