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CJ COMPONENT PRODUCTS High-Quality Military And SWAT Headsets

Military Headset is one of the most important devices that the Military or SWAT teams need to have. These should be high-quality and should be able to provide what these officers need when in tactical or special operations. These can help them maintain the situational awareness and promote high levels of hearing protection.

The CJ Component Products Military And SWAT Headsets

CJ Component Products is a company known for its high-quality equipments. When it comes to military and SWAT equipments, they are the name that you can trust. From handsets, speaker microphones, throat microphones, loudspeakers, radio communication, accessories, and so much more. One of their best products are the headsets.

SWAT Headsets

The CJ Component Products Headsets is not only used for communication purposes, but it can also protect the user from high impulse noises. This includes loud background noises or a gun fired noise. This can be used for ground operations, for vehicle intercom, and also for radio command and post-shelter communications.

The Best Headsets From CJ Component Products

At CJ Component Products, you have military or SWAT headsets to choose from. The CJ-1820-HS001, CJ-1820-HS002, CJ-8413-HS161, and the CJ-8413-HS182. Let us go ahead and take a look at these four choices and determine the difference of each of these headsets.

  • CJ-1820-HS001. This is a tactical headset. It is commonly used as a Military Radio or telephone and it comes with 4 position switch. This is rugged with noise canceling microphone and has 5 contact types. It has a single, foam filled earcup with an adjustable headband.
  • CJ-1820-HS002. This is a heavy-duty headset. It comes with dual foam-filled earcup. It also has a noise-canceling microphone that is mounted to an adjustable boom for clear communication even in the middle of high-noise operations.
  • CJ-8413-HS161. Perfect for vehicular intercom, command post, and shelter communication purposes. This has a noise-canceling microphone perfect for crystal clear communication.
  • CJ-8413-HS182. This is heavy duty and comes with a single side headset. This is commonly used for military vehicular, command post, or shelter communication applications. This is a single foam-filled earcup with noise reduction features.

Why Choose CJ Component Products?

Military equipment needs to manufactured by a company that you can trust. This should be made of high-quality materials in order to provide high levels of performance during special operations. Headsets are the most important part of the communication systems of the military and the SWAT teams. Click here if you are looking for high-quality headsets.

CJ has been in this business since 1980, proving that they can outperform other companies when it comes to service, design, and reliability. Their combined experience through the years gave them the knowledge and skills, and the ability to provide the best service and products for their clients.