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Glam Up Your Pet With flea collars for cats

It’s not necessary to wrestle your kitty into a flea dip. The latest preventative remedies are easy to apply. While shampoos and flea collars for cats are still choices, parasitologists have developed excellent fresh weapons from the war against ticks and fleas. With easy monthly administrations of these oral, injectable, or topical drugs, you can shield your cat against flea and tick infestations. Fleas and ticks are harmful disease carriers which can make your kitty’s life miserable. Fleas can transmit tapeworms and trigger itchy allergic reactions, which may result in scratching hair loss, and infection. Fleas ingest animals’ blood, and the bloodsuckers can consume so much that some cats die of blood loss. Hence it is crucial to keep your cat flea-free.

These Remedies Maintain the Pests Away

New medications stop fleas by killing the adults who hitch a ride on your furry friend or merely keeping their eggs from hatching. This includes lufenuron, a chemical that prevents flea collars for cats from hatching but doesn’t kill adult fleas. It’s available as a monthly oral tablet or suspension and as a twice-yearly vet administered an injection.

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Revolution (selamectin) is the latest big gun among the monthly alternatives for flea and tick prevention. You apply several drops of the liquid medication to your pet’s skin, and it guards against heartworms, flea eggs and mature fleas, ticks, ear mites, hookworms, and roundworms.

If Your Cat Has Been Infested

If you began using these flea medications after you found a flea infestation, you’d have to see your house too. flea collars for cats can live for many months in your home and yard, and flea eggs can hatch on your carpet, cushions, and curtains for years. Your cat isn’t the only one in danger: Folks can get irritating fleabites too. Ridding your home of the pests takes time and a concerted strategy. Here’s what to do.

To Eliminate housebound fleas.

Use professional flea foggers in each area and sprays for hard-to-reach spots. Wash the flea eggs out of your house by vacuuming a few times in a week. After every vacuuming session, remove vacuum bags and tape them closed, then throw away the bags. Additionally, wash your cat’s favorite hangouts and wash her bedding regularly.