There are certain hacks that can be used under any circumstances to ensure the proper installation. So, here is a way out how to solve the day to day problems during the fixing of nut and bolts.


It is extremely easy to fix the double nutted joins with the use of the washers; this is because they are the necessary points to be noted during the installation. It must be always kept in mind to allow the jam nut to go within the surface first which can be followed by the standard nut. This will bring additional effectiveness. Alongside, when there is installation of the washers along with them the build is much strong. However, one must be cautious to keep a control on the measurement of the load. There must also be a careful assessment of the load and the number of cycles of the rotation of the bolt while the installations are made.

installation of the washers

The two major applications of the standard washers are as follows:

  • They are the ones that have the excellent capability of distributing the pressures level.
  • It also ensures that the nut stays pressed to the surfaces that are quite a smooth. This can be the best part which will never allow it to get loosened.


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