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Buying cannabis online

Ways to Tell A Good Cannabis From A Bad One

Buying cannabis online can be scary. You do not know if the product is of good value for your money, and you are not sure if you can trust the dispensary to provide you with high-quality cannabis products. If you want to discrete your cannabis products discretely, this is the only way to do it. Don’t worry because there are ways to determine if you received high-quality cannabis through Weed delivery Mississauga.

Characteristics and Appearance

Upon receiving your cannabis products, the first thing you can inspect would be the appearance and the physical characteristics of the products. Low-quality cannabis buds should be full of stems and seeds. You have to remember that stems are pretty useless and do little in what you want to benefit from cannabis. Too many seeds can also ruin your experience. So what you are after is a cannabis product full of buds and densely frosted with trichomes.

cannabis product

Taste and Smell

Now unpack your products to do this next step. If the cannabis plant is grown correctly and correctly harvested, dried, and cured to perfection, it should have an identifiable smell and taste. Your product should have a clear and distinct musk. It indicates that you have fresh buds with good terpene content. If you are not familiar with the cannabis scent, remember that those with a freshly-cut grass or hay smell are low-quality.

The Trichome Count

Most seasoned cannabis users always have a magnifying glass on hand. They need this to check the trichome count of the cannabis product that they received. Usually, growers harvest the cannabis once they already have milky-white colored trichomes. If you inspect them under a magnifying glass, they would resemble bright mushrooms. What you want to see here is prematurely-harvested cannabis. It means that the trichomes are ‘ripe’ when they harvested the cannabis. You want to avoid underdeveloped trichomes or amber-tinges because they are either harvested too early or too late.

In the perfect world, you receive potent and beautiful cannabis buds in all your transactions. But you know that reality is far off from the ideal. Knowing how to inspect your cannabis products thoroughly is crucial. You have to remember that its potency and safety are greatly affected by its quality. Buying from a reputable dispensary gives you the confidence to get the best value for your money. Still, you should know how to differentiate a good- from bad-quality cannabis. And the tips above can make this easier for you.