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Bodybuilding Reality

Bodybuilding Reality: Body Plateau

Aiming for a nice built body does not happen overnight. It’s a month or more long work, depending on how you eager are you to lose weight and to put into a healthy shape.

The tri-media and the internet are being bombarded with ads about bodybuilding, weight loss and all kinds of gimmicks to entice you to start working out.

But these ads portrayal of how to build the body you make you want to believe that it is easy.


But guess what?

It’s a constant struggle. But you will feel great at the end of the day. Yet there is this kind of phase that everybody building junky is trying to overcome.

It’s a phase when your body doesn’t cooperate anymore. It’s called Body Plateau.

What is Body Plateau?

Body plateau, some say it is just one of the gym myth, but it is actually true. At some point, it will happen to your body.

So, what is it?

Well, if you know your geography, plateau means flat, high plain table of land. In bodybuilding and exercise, body plateau means the same thing. A body plateau occurs when your body does not respond your gym exercise or diet routine.

Imagine it this way. Our body is powerful and flexible. It has the ability to adjust and adapt to whatever we throw at it. So if you are having a consistency in your progress, your body is also adjusting to adapt. And when your body successfully adapted to your progress, you can sense that that progress has stalled or body plateau. For the body, this might look success, but for those who want to gain more or lose more, it is frustrating.

The most common plateau is weight loss plateau. It is when you suddenly stop losing weight even though you are trying your best to avoid those sugar and weight gain diets.

For bodybuilders, muscular body plateau happens when the body no longer gain muscles, increase strength and gain weight. This can also happen to athletes and professional fighters.

Can you overcome a plateau?

Yes, of course. In fact, there are a lot of products in the market that will help you get back to that progress you have always wanted.

For starters, you can check this link: http://www.test-rx.net/smash.html to learn the simple steps you can do in order to get back on track.

Take a break for a while and don’t get discouraged. You can always go back to your old routine and continue your program but if you are experiencing plateau again, you can re-apply those tips and mix it in your routine.