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Brazil nuts

Nuts That You Should Eat and Not Eat

Nuts are always a good idea if you are looking for a healthy snack. But few may not be aware that eating nuts if not carefully picked can go very wrong and might ruin your snack time. This article will provide you the list of nuts that are both good for you and good for the environment as well as some that might even make you sick.

Nuts that you should eat

  • Brazil nuts

A study conducted by the World Wildlife Fund suggests that Brazil nuts have long been prized among Amazonian people because of their nutritional value. Brazil nuts are high in protein, carbohydrates and good cholesterol. They are one of the tallest trees in the Amazon and each of their huge sized fruits contain an average of 24 seeds. And those seeds are the caraway seeds, it may sound silly how the seeds are called nuts, but it is a fact. Brazil nut industry helps preserve patches of wild rainforest and supports farmers that care for the tree.

  • Acorns

Acorns are snack-worthy nuts, especially if you’re concerned about helping to find and utilize a more sustainable and widely available resource. Acorns are eaten once they turn brown, they are rich with vitamins like proteins, healthy fats and nutrients like vitamin c, calcium, and phosphorus. They will also help balance blood-glucose levels, and they give tons of practical benefit.


  • Hazelnuts

If snacking hazelnut-filled cookies is your thing then you’re in for a treat. Besides that fact that they are incredibly good and tasty, they are also filled with things like vitamins A and B. They also come with a high dose of dietary fiber, and help raise good cholesterol while lowering the bad ones. Plus, hazelnut are great examples of sustainable agriculture, so you will be helping the environment when you consume it.

Nuts that you should NOT eat

  • Macadamia

One of the most delicious nuts is macadamia. But eating them may not as healthy as you think, a one-cup serving of macadamia nut contains a high number of 1,000 calories. The worst part is, it is very easy to consume half your daily calories while you’re eating it. Not to mention the 102 grams of fat.

  • Pine nuts

There are a weird and unexplained phenomenon that happen when you eat pine nuts. It is called Pine Mouth syndrome, though it is temporary. It develops between 12 and 48 hours after eating it. Just to give a heads up, having a pine mouth will cause everything you eat to have a bitter, metallic or rancid taste and it can go on for months.