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Eliminate Dog Anxiety

Eliminate Dog Anxiety

Did you realize that every time your dog is stressed, it is also causing diarrhea? Do not shoot the dog. There is help for him and it might be easier than you thought. Stress leads to anxious diarrhea in dogs, as well as a poor quality diet.

The first thing that you can do to get rid of your dog’s problem is to get rid of the cause of his anxiety whenever possible. So changing the diet can also help. It might sound like a strange idea, change your diet to de-stress but it works.

Commercial dog food is full of artificial substances and chemical toxins. Even some of the animals used for meat in commercial dog food are toxic, sick, or unhealthy. If you know what meat products are in commercial dog food it will make your stomach upset.

However, these toxins and additives are not conducive to relaxing the mind and nervous system and are definitely not friendly to the gut, where the physical aspects of the problem of diarrhea survive. Therefore, to eliminate diarrhea caused by canine anxiety, it is essential to convert your dog to a natural, healthier diet, preferably homemade.

commercial dog food

This isn’t always easy because we are all very busy in our lives but think about food to set aside time and then think about how much time you spend cleaning after a bitch, calming her down and vet visits and you might see that a little bit of preparation food doesn’t require a lot of time in the general scheme of things.

Giving your canine friend plenty of exercise, water, and a healthy diet will go a long way in alleviating his problem. When a situation arises that you know will bother your dog, such as staying in the kennel, or not having a family member present, continue to introduce exercise and food as normal, but also consider adding some natural stimulant, such as a food cover.

Scullcap is an herb known to help treat nervousness and associated symptoms, such as Remedy for dog anxiety and diarrhea. Since it is an herb, you can be sure that there are no negative side effects and that you are not anesthetizing or contaminating your little friend.

These simple changes have worked for many canine parents. I am sure they can work for you, too. So try to identify and eliminate the source of your dog’s anxiety and search for high-quality dog ​​food to correct the diarrhea caused by the dog’s anxiety.