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Lie Detector Test

Salient features of polygraph machines

In order to find out the lying people, the lie detectors came into existence. These detectors are usually applied on criminals but possibly these are not recommended too. People those who experienced this lie detector test uk are performing different techniques in the form of wise questions to be asked by the examiner experts to find out the truth. There is an examiner operator who initially asks number of questions, which looks like making the person to feel discomfort to answer and felt, stressed emotionally as well. This is the main issue of the people those who faced these tests usually. Let’s say an example lie detector test uk where examiners plays a key role in overcoming different stressed people and bringing out culprit’s real attitude.

lie detector test

Let’s focus on some of the features that are involved with the existence of these tests;

  • Initially you should require knowing whether these tests are resulting in accurate output or not. Because when the people get stressed out or tended on, the test result does not tend to get accurate. It should be noted out clearly.
  • But people those who are aware of this test have experienced and their physiological responses lead in providing accurate results of up to 80 percent to 90 percent appropriately.
  • As we know that courts do not permit to conduct this test, since there is a wide variety of options available to find out the truth from a person.
  • Options are like tricky the questions being asked to the culprit, use of legal or illegal drug is preferred to know the actual intention of the culprit in an intelligent way of questioning.These are some of the methods,which are readily available other than these test detectors.
  • Performing this test is quite comfortable as these tests interrupts only some people those who control their physiological functions.


Hence, these tests are reliable but it is not recommended to perform, as the court also believes that there are multiple options available to find the real culprit with other methods. Way of questioning, analyzing the case do matters more for a lawyer to find out who might be the culprit in hispoint of view. Otherwise, in making the witnesses or criminals to be stressed out will definitely let the test result become non-accurate only.