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Probate Attorney: How to Help Your Estate Planning Experts

Creating a comprehensive and well-written estate plan or a will is probably one of the valuable gifts that you can provide to your loved ones. Making that plan is, however, challenging especially without the advice and guidance of a legal expert.

Attorneys, as we are aware of, are good at what they do since they have the experience and the skills which will introduce success. While lawyer’s assistance is highly appreciated, it’s also important for the clients that they take their roles seriously. Given, there are so many procedures involved that should be done in time to ensure that the court will not dismiss the will and make your beneficiaries or executors get into trouble.

legal background

Here are some ways that you can help your lawyer.

First, choose your executor properly

When creating the Last Will and Testament, it’s the best of your interest to appoint an executor who can properly and effectively oversee the probate task following your death. While it’s easier to choose relatives and friends without considering whether they’re good or not, don’t be tempted to make your choice immediately. In contemplating about the choice, these questions should be considered:

  • Does a person have the financial or legal background needed during the probate procedure?
  • Is the chosen executor good at conflicting issues?
  • Do the individual wishes to be your executor?
  • Did you choose someone who will devote his/her time to the probate process?

Know your assets and liabilities

You might have a vague idea about your assets and liabilities. But are you really sure about the details? The best thing that you can do is to start making a list – one for the liabilities and one for the assets. Make sure to jot down everything in your notes. Moreover, don’t forget to have a detailed description of everything. Once the lists are made, make necessary updates to prevent missing anything.

Avoid DIY

With probably hundreds of blogs and the convenience of the Internet, it’s tempting to use DIY estate planning documents to save money/time. However, using DIY forms online might cause more troubles to your loved ones because there might be some mistakes.  Given the importance of having a neat and accurate estate plan, working with an experienced and competent lawyer is absolutely important.

Ignore misconceptions and myths

Don’t easily buy into misconceptions about estate planning just because they sound good and legit. Even if you’re still adult and haven’t been married yet, you still need an estate plan. Regardless of the value and also the size of your assets, early plan and preparation matters.

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