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Finding the Perfect Sunglasses

The Go-getter’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Sunglasses

In completing your outfit of the day, you need to accessorize. And what great way to add style to your look but to wear sunglasses. It’s cool. It’s stylish. Not to mention the fact that it effectively protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, too. The key here is to know the right pair for you. Find one that complements the shape of your face. Generally, the right sunglasses should be in a shape that’s opposite to the face shape. Additionally, a pair of sunglasses that has a classic shape will be in style for many years to come.

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Square Face

When you have a square face, the characteristics of your face include strong jawline. You jaw will also have the same width with the forehead. A square face won’t have a much defined chin, too. For square faces, the best pair of sunglasses are those that have round frames. Go for sunglasses that have softer features like classic aviator glasses.

Round Face

If your cheeks are the widest features on your face, then this means that you have a round face. Your face won’t be that angular so you need to find a pair that are relatively rectangular in shape. With this particular shape, the sunglasses will create an illusion to make your face look more angled and longer. If you have dark hair, opt for darker pairs, too.

Long Face

If your face is essentially longer as opposed to it being wide, then you most probably have a long face. In picking sunglasses, look for ones that are proportional to the length and width. Make sure that it does not extend to the widest part of the face to make your face look slimmer. The frames of your sunglasses should also be proportionally shaped as to length and width. The best pair for this type of face is the cheap Ray Ban Clubmaster.

Triangle Face

A triangular face is characterized by a pointed or defined chin. To know if you have triangle face, check out the width of your forehead and compare it with your chin. If the forehead is essentially wider than the chin, then you most probably have a triangular face. Look for glasses that are rectangular to maintain the balance between your forehead and chin. If you have a triangular face but has a small feature, opt for sunglasses that have small lenses.

In buying the best pair of sunglasses, you can’t just grab the nearest one. There are considerations that you need to think about. These include the cost of the product, how it is made, and most importantly, how it looks on you