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Alexei Orlov- An Entrepreneur, The Man Behind Mtm

MTM or Moments that matter is a communications and marketing group, the brainchild is Alexei Orlov. He highly believes in the philosophy that “Brands need people, more than people need brands.” You will come to know the amazing journey of Alexei Orlov further below.

The Journey Until Now Of Alexei Orlov

The native of the United Kingdoms, Orlov is credited with immense professional experiences across the world. His professional experience until now in chronological order is mentioned below

  • 1988- He was the marketing director of Avon Cosmetics Retail in Europe who was the youngest ever director at Avon.
  • The 1990s- He served as communications director of Volvo’s global brand and marketing director of Volvo UK.
  • 2000-2008- He worked for a leading digital agency, Wunderman, in different positions. The titles he earned during his journey. There was the President of the European division and executive vice-chairman of global operations.
  • 2011- 2014- He was the chief marketing officer of Volkswagen Group in China.
  • July 2014- July 2016- Alexei Orlov was the global CEO of a public relations and advertising company, then a part of the Omnicom group. After that stint, he was a senior advisor to the CEO of DAS.
  • Currently, Alexei Orlov resides in New York with his family. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTM, which has one of its five offices in New York and operates globally.


Something About MTM

MTM was inaugurated by Orlov in February 2017. Besides New York, MTM has its offices in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Milan, and London. MTM focuses on an acquisition model of doing business. The agencies that are acquired by MTM are provided with value-added services, which include fields of brand, business strategy, finance, and operational guidance.

Alexei Orlov’s business strategy focuses on the target audience and keeps into account social and cultural considerations. The four agencies that MTM is made up of are

  • NOM- It is a video advertising platform that helps in providing brand-optimized video ad solutions. The brands can securely run their ads on YouTube and other social media platforms with the help of NOM.
  • Sub Rosa- To connect a brand with its buyers, you certainly need some interesting stories. Sub Rosa has an expert team of design thinkers to do that and thus increase your potential clients.
  • Camron PR- It is a public relations agency of MTM.
  • Local Projects- It is a media designing firm of MTM.

Apart from the titles that Alexei Orlov is bestowed with, he was also granted an American O1 visa status, conferred to men and women of extraordinary talent. Alexei Orlov, in himself, is an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.