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Who is Marc Roberts Miami

An entrepreneur, Marc Roberts is the hidden man behind many successful projects. Right from being a successful real estate mogul, sports promoters, the owner of club E11EVEN to the builder of dreams, this man has magic in him. Marc Roberts Miami has been successful and powerful yet continues being an inspiration to people these days.Others saw a wasteland while Marc saw a bright possibility. This was the start to a great development by Marc. He and his partners invested into Miami World Centre. For all those wondering who is Marc Roberts? Here is what you ought to know.

Who is Marc Roberts?

The man who went through all odds, Marc Roberts has a successful story. Here are some pointers from the empire he has built over the years.

  • At the age of 19, Marc Roberts promoted a professional boxing match making him the youngest man ever. This still stands as record, even today!
  • He also got admission into New Jersey Jewish Hall of Fame.
  • Not only was he the co-founder but he also assembled the Miami World Centre. This is considered to be the second largest mixed-use development project in the United States of America.
  • When he was in his 20’s he was First person to take a sports management company public on the national NASDAQ market.
  • The co-founder and co-owner of E11EVEN a world-renowned one-of-a-kind 24-hour nightclub.
  • Co-owner of over eleven acres of strategically located property in downtown Miami

Marc was born in New Jersey and while he attended the American University, he also played basketball. He later dropped out from college and went to become a sports agent because his coach banned sports agents from trying to recruit one of his team mate.

Also, he was one of the youngest persons to promote a professional boxing match and at the age of 21 Marchad his first World Champion. Further, he was also working closely with Emmanuel Steward, boxing trainer and manager.

Triple Threat Enterprises public was the first Sports Management Company that was owned by March Roberts. Later, he took a second company public, Worldwide Entertainment & Sports Corporation, the first full‐service sports Management Company. This was achieved in his mid-30’s.

Roberts later shifted to commercial properties in Miami by co‐founding the Miami World Center, the second largest mixed use development planned in the United States of America. Roberts developed an interest in real estate and started investing in smaller projects. In the year 2000, Marc Roberts moved to Florida where he focused on residential real estate.