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Movies with a great sound system

Enjoy the Movies with a great sound system

Today movie watching experience has been uplifted by many technologies. Some of them are very familiar like Ultra AVX, regular, and IMAX. The new one added to this list is D-BOX. Through this new option, movies lovers can enjoy the movie with some special effects like the seat may move whenever based on a scene in the movie.

When a person chooses D-BOX, he will still be watching movie’s 3D version. But the effects related to the seat will be an extra feature. Usually these D-BOX featured seats are bigger in size and more comfortable. Watchers will even get an option to set the intensity of seat movement.

These D-box digital moving seats are mainly manufactured for industrial simulation and entertainment markets. Illusion of movement has been created through motorization. Along with this, they should be motorized to sink with the screen. This timing with the movie or screen is very important. With all these settings it is possible to create illusion for audience and they feel they are moving up and down, tilting back and forth based on the movie scene. If there are action sequences like explosions, D-BOX seats may vibrate and shake to enhance the effect.

D-BOX technology

Initially D-BOX technology was introduced to PC gaming and home theater markets. This technology can be integrated for a set of different type seats. By using D-BOX motion platform a regular seat can be changed to seat with motion technology.

By adding motion to the seat using D-BOX technology, moviegoers are given unmatched and immersed entertainment which is hyper – realistic. Realistic experience is given through body movement which leads to great imagination.

Through D-BOX technology it is possible to achieve enhanced experiences. The experience is immersive, tactile, and augmented. The motion involved in these seats can make the movie more appealing for audience. It is possible to add one amore sensory experience along with 3D on screen.

D-BOX is nothing but digital box. D-BOX goes well only with digital movies. The experience of watching movie with D-BOX can be considered as a complete experience. One can feel alongside of their favorite character when they are on D-BOX seat.

If on screen a character is driving a car, audience will feel like they are inside the car. If a character shoots then each shot is felt for the audience. All the movements in the movie including very subtle movements are experienced much closer to the reality.