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Know your router IP address


The short form of internet protocol is IP. This IP address is a unique code which is numerical and this responsible for identification of computers on the internet. When your device or the computer is sending the request, it will tag the request with your IP address. Based on a real-world location, your IP address is assigned.

What is IP

Internet protocol is the main or the principal communication protocol in the suite for relaying or transmitting the datagram, these datagrams are nothing but basic transfer units which are structures in header sections. These provide the communication which is connectionless. The routing function of the internet protocol enables internet and internetworking. the connection-oriented datagram is called as transmission control protocol. The suite of this internet protocol is referred as TCP/IP.

principal communication protocol

The traditional or the older version of this internet protocol was termed as IPv4. This uses a 32-bit number to represent an internet protocol address and it will define both the network and the host address. Four billion unique numbers are provided by this 32-bit number. So the usage is more, and this version is running out. Thus, a newer version of internet protocol is developed in the software field and that is called or termed as IPv6.

How to know your IP address

A question which can come to anyone’s mind is what is my ip address. These are the steps to be followed to know what is ip address of your device. The thought of knowing this is rare but is very important in present world and the present lifestyle where in everyone is online. If you know your IP address and get connected to a network, then you will be accessible to check or browse whatever you want. You can check the latest news, know about the weather or climatic condition, watch online videos etc.

You can find or know your IP address on your computer in the following way.

  • Click on network and internet
  • Go to network and sharing center
  • Go change on adapter settings
  • Right click on ethernet
  • Go to status details
  • IP address is displayed

If your device or the computer is connected to Wi-Fi or the wireless network, then click on the specific icon.