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CBD calming chews for dogs

How Do Dog Treats with CBD Work

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, as well as in some hemp plants. The CBD that can be extracted from these plants does not create any euphoric effect, making it safe for consumption by dogs. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression in many animals and…
CBD Oils For Dogs

Positive Effects of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Many people use pure hemp CBD oils for their pets. There's good data that shows that these products may help reduce anxiety and could even improve sleep quality. That being said, some products contain ingredients that might adversely affect our furry friends. Let's look at the benefits of the best…
Eliminate Dog Anxiety

Eliminate Dog Anxiety

Did you realize that every time your dog is stressed, it is also causing diarrhea? Do not shoot the dog. There is help for him and it might be easier than you thought. Stress leads to anxious diarrhea in dogs, as well as a poor quality diet. The first thing…
Pet With flea collars for cats

Glam Up Your Pet With flea collars for cats

It's not necessary to wrestle your kitty into a flea dip. The latest preventative remedies are easy to apply. While shampoos and flea collars for cats are still choices, parasitologists have developed excellent fresh weapons from the war against ticks and fleas. With easy monthly administrations of these oral, injectable,…