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Crematorium In Ajax

How To Choose A Crematorium In Ajax

Death is a reality we can never change. It is one of the few things about life that are certain. Although different cultures believe in different ways of bidding farewell to a departed soul, the basic idea remains the same. Every culture tries to ensure a peaceful journey for a person who has left this world. One of the most common practices is cremation. Unlike the ritual of burying a body, cremation refers to the burning of a dead body into ashes. Many cultures and religions follow this ritual all over the world. However, sometimes it is not always easy to choose the proper crematorium for this purpose. This article will guide you and help you find the appropriate crematorium in ajax or any other corner of the world.

Types Of Cremation Services

Before you get into further details, let us take a look at the different types of cremation services.

  • Traditional Funeral Service (Before Cremation) – In this type of funeral service, the body of the departed soul is visible from outside for the family members, friends, and relatives to have a look for the last time. After this, the ashes of the deceased are handed over to their family members. This is the oldest form of cremation service and the most widely used one as well.
  • Memorial Service (After Cremation) – This takes place after the process of cremation is over. The major difference between a traditional funeral service and a memorial service is in the time. A traditional funeral service generally takes place within two days of the deceased person’s death. But the memorial service can take place anytime after the body is cremated. The time flexibility is more.
  • Direct Cremation – The simplest of the three, direct cremation service takes the least time and money. While the other two cremation services require the presence of family and friends as well as logistics, direct cremation requires none. It is simply the process of cremating a body after which the ashes are handed to the family.

In case a person wishes to donate their body to help people or for academic research, their body is taken in by the designated organization after their death. As people are progressing towards a more developed society, this is finding increased prominence.

If you are looking for a crematorium in Ajax, Ajax Crematorium and Visitation Center is a place worth considering. However, there are many other options too.