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Floor people away with your amazing floor!

Floor people away with your amazing floor!

Who doesn’t love a good and presentable house? I know I definitely do and all those people who like experimenting (DIY) with things do . You can change the whole outlook of the room with just a good flooring so today I am going to talk about luxury vinyl flooring in Baton Rouge, LA.

Let’s start with the basics, LVT which is known as luxury vinyl tile, it is a type of modular vinyl flooring. We all are familiar with the traditional vinyl flooring so to say the least the luxury vinyl flooring and the traditional vinyl flooring are nothing alike. Those who don’t know traditional vinyl flooring, in that tiles are basically laid out individually and only a single sheet is used.

Difference between luxury vinyl flooring and traditional vinyl flooring

  • Luxury vinyl flooring.
    • These are the type of flooring which lasts for a longer duration of time and are more durable towards its customers.
    • It has many different layers just like normal vinyl flooring but the reason why it is different from vinyl flooring is because one of the layers in this is a hardcore layer.
    • In this type of flooring individual planks range from 4”×48” and upto 9”×72” and it has a hardwood look.
  • Traditional vinyl flooring.
    • Vinyl flooring is also known as resilient flooring and many a times is used as an alternative for ceramic tiles, natural stone and hardwood.
    • The affordability and design of these vinyl flooring are becoming increasingly popular.
    • In earlier times, vinyl was looked on as just a black scuff mark which was not a good thing to have, among many other things it was also considered as boring.

Pros and cons of luxury vinyl flooring .


  • It is extremely affordable.
  • It’s super easy to install.
  • Has a wide we variety of beautiful design.
  • Has proved to be easy to maintain and repair.


  • The quality is known to be very inconsistent.
  • It’s hard to remove.
  • It may not be able to hold on well in the sunlight.