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Top points to talk about as fintech is growing big

If you want to work with Fintech, then you must know about all things related to this term. Visit this site to know about white label fintech.

User experience is key

The digital experience has to be of excellence to captivate. The first experience is important, but also the second because it is what transforms a consumer into a customer. A bad experience may be the last. You have to build a relationship of trust and reward good actions: for example, eliminate hidden costs and create instances such as the benefits club for compliant clients. The information does not have to be searched by users; it must go to them. “Word of mouth” is essential and the necessary changes must be made to increase satisfaction levels.Click here to know about white label fintech.

Fintech and banks are allies


The jealousy of years ago should be set aside, when every fintech that was born was considered by traditional banks as a threat. They are two universes that tend to merge and, in fact, more and more fintech players arrive from the classic financial system. They are, to graph it in some way, immersed in a vast ocean in which everyone can fish. For a long time, many banks have invested in seed capital funds or start-up accelerators. A sense of healthy competition that allows to evolve must prevail in an area of ​​evolution and cooperation. The frictions between both industries gave way to alliances and a collaborative agenda.

Financial education is vital

In our country, investment accounts do not reach even 4% of the population, when in the region that figure reaches 15% and in developed countries it reaches 80%, largely due to the lack of financial education. In a market that offers up to 3,000 products at your fingertips, the client needs to speak with an advisor who advises you how to build your investment portfolio and how to protect money. For them we must continue developing tutorials and explanatory videos, reinforce call centers and e-mails, improve WhatsApp messages and bot responses. The user community requires dynamic solutions.