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Ted Farnsworth Says Success Has Always Been His Childhood Dream

Success has always been the goal for Ted Farnsworth. Sometimes, people are born to be successful. And with his accomplishments, nobody can deny that Farnsworth is one of them. But success doesn’t always come easy for these individuals. They work hard to achieve success in such an endeavor. And Farnsworth also had his ups and downs, which people are well aware of.

Ted Farnsworth’s Early Career

In his early 20s, Farnsworth moved to Florida. After seeing his potential in growing businesses, he started buying parking lots. What he earned here he used to invest in other companies. The largest one is probably the call center business that he purchased for infomercials, commercials, and direct response on television. And since then, Farnsworth became an angel investor.

He would start investing in other companies and soon realized that he should be spending more on his businesses instead. It has always been known that Farnsworth fancy building businesses from the ground up. And over the years, he has been investing in the beverage and real estate sectors. And this is when he started RedZone.

All About the Redzone

RedZone has been an enormous success. It led him to deal with Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. that provides information technology consultations, training, software products, and enhanced services of predictive analytics. And once he took over, he focused more on investing at other companies by using technology to acquire a consumer-centered standpoint.

Starting the MoviePass

And this is how Farnsworth came across with MoviePass. And for him, the goal is to disrupt the entire theater scene. MoviePass started in New York back in 2011. With this, anyone can have access to unlimited movies for only $9.95. MoviePass also offered advertising for studios and trailers.

ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corp.

ZASH is a U.S.-based entertainment and content distributor company. They recently announced that they recently agreed to a merger to create an ‘acceleration and growth’ in the live-streaming content, video sharing, and distribution and production success within its industry.

Even at such a young age, Ted Farnsworth already knows that he will be the boss to run businesses and make them successful. At 13-years-old, Farnsworth is all about running a business. He did with his chicken wing company. And there is no doubt that he can indeed make a business success with his future endeavors, especially now that he is more inspired than ever.