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Physiological signs during early pregnancy

If you planned for a pregnancy, the next month missing period could be the indicator of your pregnancy. It is considered one of the most common indicators, as the uterus starts to thicken its wall for implanting the fertilized egg. Hence the menstrual blood will not flow either to keep the fetus in the womb. Sometimes other reasons for missing period may be due to hormonal imbalance and PCOS. So you can take home pregnancy test after the week of conception. Even though some women miss their periods, they don’t feel or find any signs of pregnancy.  As pregnancy brings lot of physiological signs, which will brings enough signals usually ignored in the initial days. In early days of pregnancy some women might notice the changes in their physical condition and some women don’t realize it.

Symptoms of pregnancy after the embryo attaches to the uterine wall

Here following shows the symptoms of early pregnancy that women will experience. The blood supply to your breast increases due to the growth of pregnancy hormone. You may feel a prickling or tingling sensation around your nipples. This sign may notice after the conception of one or two weeks. You can find a light spotting or light pinkish or brown colored stain in your panties or when you urinate. This is not a period, as the egg implants to the uterus wall a slight spotting occurs along with light cramps in your abdomen region. Morning sickness starts at six week of pregnancy. You feel dizzy and vomit in morning times. You feel tired for the whole day feeling exhausted. Morning sickness will cause at any time for first three months, as this is due to the increase of progesterone levels in the body. Tender and swollen breast is another symptom of pregnancy. You may think this is a sign of your period, but it’s not. This tenderness caused because of the hormonal surge caused during the implantation of embryo. And also your nipples will get darker and get bumps around it.

You can find yourself going to restroom too often for urinating. As the production of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone increase after the embryo implants to the uterine wall, you find urinating more. Your kidneys work extra hard. If you have any burning sensation while wee, you have to immediately consult the doctor, as you may have any urinary tract infections. The other symptom is food cravings. Pregnant women like certain types of foods to eat and have the urge to eat foods, which they usually hate before. Due to these cravings, they will have an improper balance of nutrition. This can be compensated by having a well balanced diet in their routine. Your sense of smell will be very strong and sensitive to aromas and coffee products. After the 12 days of ovulation, there is a discharge of fluid with blood. This is normal thing, as the embryo attaches to the endometrium. Hence when you found any of these symptoms, you can take home pregnancy test after the missed period. Your test results may show negative, as there may be low level of HCG in the urine to detect. Then you can wait for two or three days to check again.