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Harassment from wife or husband is not necessary to bear by the person

The general family life is sweet for many people, at the same time; many people are harassed by their spouse. In case, if the husband is earning more money and in the high post, this person is drunk every day and in the nights disturbing the wife. In some cases, the wife will be powerful in the home, she works as a boss in a company and her husband is a normal worker means, she will be harassing the husband every day, even at the bed she will be harassing her husband. Actually,cases should have to consult the divorce lawyer, the lawyer will take the case intensively and produce the both before the court, the judge will offer the divorce if the case is genuine. In many cases, the husband will be forcing his wife to drink alcohol actually wife will not be interested in hard drinks. The sake of the husband she will be taking the alcohol, but after the alcohol, the husband will be dominating more, beating the wife, drinking without a control and at the end wife will be sleeping on the ground, husband will be sleeping on the bed, the next day morning wife will be completing her duties in the regular, but husband did not realize his mistake made in the last night to his wife.

The facts are produced with the evidence before the court

The facts will have to be produced before the court for asking for a separation of divorce. The legal separation only permits the person to stay with comfort. In case, the couple is not separating legally and they decide to separate without legal formalities, it is a problem for the future life for both the husband and wife. In case, if the wife is able to find a nice person and willing to marry him, she will not be eligible to marry that new person because their separation is not legal. At the same time, an experienced divorce lawyer can make the case very successful and the wife will have full freedom after the end of the case. The lawyer will be producing the video, audio and general evidence from the neighbors and from the housemaid about the husband behavior disorder after the alcohol. The judge will notice this, after that the lawyer will present his argument, in his argument the lawyer will strongly recommend the couple for separation. The judge will consider the argument and he would be declaring the wedding of the couple is broken and further for harassing the wife, the husband will be sent to prison, in some cases, there will be penalty also will be there for the husband. Apart from this, the husband will be dictated to pay the monthly pension of heavy amount to his wife.  In case, if the wife is culprit wife will be called before the court, she will be asked many questions by the lawyer, she will be cornered by the advocate, after that, judge will inform the lady to pay compensation for her harassment to her husband, later the separation is offered by the court to the couple.