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Few Signs of a Dying Battery

There are different indicators that can indicate the need for battery maintenance or replacement besides check light turning on and off. The most common sign of the same is a slow engine start where a car ramps slowly its way into ignition that takes much longer than the usual. A batter that looks swollen has surely been exposed to the excessive heat and it is necessary to get it checked by the professionals. If the smell of the battery is similar to a rotten egg smell, this indicates there is a sulfur leak and this will need to be checked by professional at an earliest possible time. According to the experts, if the battery has crossed three years of usage, the best option is to get it replaced with a new one and avoid many different problems that come with a leaking battery.

The service of West Coast auto is the prime service in southern California for the maintenance of battery and replacement services. A team of auto technicians is highly experienced and can perform battery replacement and maintenance. The service might provide something extra that includes:

  • Auto battery inspection
  • Cleaning of battery connection and cable ends
  • Starter, voltage Regulator Inspection and Alternator.used cars in montclair

The price difference with the west coast and other providers:

For a little knowledge about the difference in prices of West Coast and other service providers, the margins are mentioned according to data of prices that is followed by a specific company or brand. With West Coast, one has to pay for factory parts around dollar 129.95 while normally with Competitors (Penske & Walter’s Mercedes) one has to pay dollar 239.95. The aftermarket prices will be around dollar 109.95. 

Replacement of Engine Air Filters:

The prices at the west coast of factory price are around dollar 79.95 and aftermarket parts will cost dollar 59.95 while if you are choosing some other service precisely service of Penske Mercedes you might end up paying dollar 98.88 that is way high and expecting any free service is useless. At the west coast, a vehicle can get road testing, car wash and vacuuming, Lamp inspection from the interior and exterior and multipoint inspection of the visual.

The service of the West Coast Mercedes service in Montclair is quick and efficient battery maintenance services. The team of professional will be able to diagnose the battery issue and provides a great guidance on the need of the replacement services and battery maintenance.