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A Crime Thriller you cannot miss. Must Watch!

Murder mystery movies are a good source of entertainment and abide the audience till the last moment. Especially if the content of such film is the Telugu language, then it is unbeatable. Are you fond of watching movies online? Do you want to opt for a platform where the Telugu new movies watch online is no more dream for film lovers? If yes, then be ready to watch the most entertaining and thriller movie of all time, “Midnight Murders.”

The movie is directed by the top-notch director Midhun Manuel Thomas and produced by Anthony Perumbavoor. Your favorite star cast such as KunchakoBoban, SrinathBasi, SharafYuddin, Jeenu Joseph is all set to entertain you with their impeccable performance in Midnight Murders. The movie’s story begins with a mystery where the Anwar (Kunchako) finds that all of a sudden, cops are getting killed by the unknown killer at midnight each day. He (Anwar) works at the local police department as a Psychologist.

Who is behind all sudden murders of cops? How is Anwar going to resolve the case in his way? Will he be able to solve the mystery, or will it remain unresolved? To find that out, you need to watch the movie till the end. The star cast’s performance in this movie is promising and forces you not to blink your eyes, not even for instance.

Why are crime-related movies so prevalent in our film industry? 

Believe it or not, on average, 70% of the audience love to watch crime-based thriller movies as compared to others. But the concern that arises here is that what forces them to dig in for such content. As per the experts, the mystery or crime-related concepts entertain the audience because there is suspense hidden that abides the audience to watch such ideas.

Furthermore, at one stage, the entire movie points to a particular person behind all the crime, but at the end, the point turns to someone else. The audience doesn’t expect the main culprit to be the one behind all the mystery, and that is what they like the most about such conceptual movies. The audience also wants to watch such films because they want to know the crime’s hidden motive. It’s good for the learning part to stay alert all the time, and if they find any suspicious activity in their day-to-day life, they can contribute their part to stop such occurrence.


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