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Do You Really Need Insurance for Your Pet?

If you are a pet lover your pets are probably practically family. Animals, especially cats and dogs are also as susceptible to illness and injury as humans, perhaps even more so because of their activities. Because of these, the idea for pet insurance is gaining popularity among pet owners. Health and veterinary costs are the most common type of insurance really serious pet owners purchase for their furry friends. This is not a first world type of scenario, this is now becoming common around the world. In fact, one of the biggest spenders on Djurförsäkring katt ( that’s Swedish for Cat Insurance). Dogs and cats are big business in Sweden. This goes to show that this is real and not just some fad that goes away. But do we need pet insurance? The short answer is yes. For the longer answer, read on below.

Illnesses Are More Common Than Accidents

Pets are more likely to get sick rather than be hurt in an accident. Illnesses account for a vast majority of medical and health problems with pets. These are most common especially for purebred dogs and cats as they do not develop and adapt like the other common pets. One example of such diseases common to cats would be what is called the Lower Tract Urinary Disease, which affects both sexes. This problem, known also as a “blocked cat” causes tiny stones to block the urinary tract and cause the blockage. Parasites are also common in pets.

Insurance for Your Pet

Accidents are Rare But They Do Happen

Accidents during playtime or in the course of the life of a pet happen and in the event it does, can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  A pet accidentally swallowing some object is one of the most common. A pet accidentally being run over by its owner’s car, and other incidents would cost money. Even common household plants can be toxic to both dogs and cats. The cost of emergency procedures for pets being poisoned can be quite high. There is always that danger lurking around in an environment as innocent as your home.

Pet Insurance is Actually Your Insurance

When you take out pet insurance, the one you are really protecting is yourself from the financial backlash that may come when illness or an accident befalls your beloved pet. Just knowing that you are ready to face any untoward incident will bring peace of mind, enabling you to enjoy the company of your furbabies.